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Technical tour

Technical Tour will consist of two parts - excursion to the Vilnius Old Town Catacombs and the tour to the construction site of Vilnius Western Bypass.

A large part of Vilnius Old Town is hidden under the ground, where old gothic buildings were buried by time and expanding city. The tour will reveal magnificent past of the capital, you will get to know it’s rich history and mysterious legends.


The construction of the Western bypass of Vilnius began in 2009. The construction was divided to three stages, where Vilnius Lazdynai Bridge was reconstructed, a three-way intersection and a transport tunnel was built. The bypass has 6 lines and is almost 9 km long.

So far, the second stage of the bypass construction is considered to be the most successful infrastructure project. When comparing the car load on this bypass, its effectiveness surpasses Vilnius – Kaunas highway, which has around 26 thousand cars per day, while the Western bypass has 56 thousand.